Thursday, July 7, 2011

word verification

pardon my ignorance, but what is this?  i get that it is supposed to be some kind of security, but how does typing in a word that looks crazy and does not spell anything keep things secure? 

Monday, May 16, 2011

happy birthday daddy

This has been a busy, but fun and exciting weekend.  We celebrated Sumter Elizabeth Folley (Todd and Lindsey's little girl)!  Friday night the family went to the new restaurant in town: 5'o clock bistro and it was delicious.  Saturday morning I helped a bunch of lovely ladies host a brunch to celebrate, then we went to a home show where we all got some really cute clothes, for a lot less!  That night we had another shower, this time a couples shower and it was such a good time.  Sunday it was church and then lunch with the twins, all in all it was a great weekend and we are so excited and anxiously awaiting the June/July arrival of this new little addition.  

On a different note, our little one is 9 months old, I've waited until today to post, simply because today is daddy's birthday and thought it might be nice to post Ella's 9 month pictures in honor of his birthday.  She is still just so much fun, she is definitely growing rapidly, I do not have stats yet (will post those when I get them), but she must be pushing 20lbs.  She is all over the place, she stands and then claps for herself...she is so proud, and she desperately wants to walk, but don't try to help her, she is a bit head strong, can't imagine where she gets that from.  I think I would describe her as spunky, maybe even a little feisty, but definitely all about a good time.  She loves to laugh and works hard to get you to join in, she loves to dance and sing, stick a mirror in front of the girl and she is happy to stand there ALL day grinning and singing and clapping. she is still lacking hair, but she does have two beautiful, slightly crooked, but beautiful teeth on the bottom. Next month we will be at the beach when Ella hits the double digits, so those pics should be really exciting, until then, these will have to least it is a really cute subject!!



happy birthday daddy, we miss you loads!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


HE IS RISEN! One of my favorite things this Easter was the text message I received from my mama; which simply stated: "He is risen". What an excellent reminder that our Lord and Savior has fought the fight and has accomplished what He set out to do. The battle is won! Our price has been paid, we are now able to abide in His holy presence. I look forward to the day we will celebrate Easter with our Savior, in our true home, abiding with Him in worshipful praise. HE IS RISEN INDEED. Thanks be to thee oh God!

We had a fun Easter Sunday, we went to First Presbyterian in the morning and had to sit in the spill over section in Saint Andrews...not a bad thing, I am glad there were that many people to hear Dr. Robertson's sermon, it was excellent. Then we headed back to our house where I hosted my very first Easter lunch. we did not have a huge crowd, but it was a great one! Mama brought a "pig lickin' cake" which was to die for and Corey and Elise came with a green bean casserole, which was also scrumptious! I provided the ham, deviled eggs, potato salad and resurrection rolls. After lunch we took Easter pictures, hence the new photo in place of our blog "title" because I can't seem to figure out how to have both a picture and a title -- oh well. Later that night, Tyson watched Ella so that mama and I could go to Christ Church for evening worship, where the choir sang from Handel's Messiah, and Dr. Oliver spoke. It was wonderful getting to hear him again. All in all it was a full and wonderful Easter Sunday. However, I am sure it was not nearly as good as the one my dad had!